The benefits of being a community driver


You always wanted to become a truck driver, being passionate about trucks and you love to drive. You have just completed the driving school and obtained the driving license for the C + E categories and the freight certificate. And now, where to? You don’t know in which direction to head to and you are always asking yourself the same question: “Should I hire as a community driver or should I stay in my country and run domestic lanes?”

If you find yourself in the situation above, we will help you! We have prepared an article that presents some of the benefits of being a community driver.

  • The profit is much higher

In the road freight industry it is well known that a community driver has a higher salary than a truck driver on nationals. Of course, the salaries of community drivers vary depending on the driver's experience, knowledge of one or more foreign languages, but also the risk exposure. For example, drivers of oversized transport and tankers carrying gases, fuels, dangerous, flammable substances, etc. are exposed to a much greater risk than drivers carrying general goods. They also need to obtain special professional certificates, so that their salaries get higher.

  • You have the chance to see all Europe

Jobs for community drivers involve traveling through a many countries where there are always new things and places to see. So, depending on the route you are driving, you have the opportunity to visit the most important and beautiful attractions in the area, to taste a few dishes specific to the respective area and many more.

  • The quality of the roads is superior

A very important advantage you have when you work on community is represented by the roads in the developed countries of the West which are of a higher quality than those in Romania. As a community truck driver, you will drive on both highways and national roads that are just as good.

  • You get international experience

Working as a community truck driver, you achieve international experience - a very important thing that employers take into account when viewing CVs. The more years you work on community, the more experience you’ll get and implicitly, the more chances you have of hiring to a top company where you will surely be paid accordingly.

  • You only drive modern, latest high tech trucks

Trucks have never been more modern, better equipped and easier to drive than they are now. The cabins of new trucks, for example, are equipped with beds, air conditioning, parking heater, refrigerators, radios, etc. There are also GPS monitoring systems, navigators, high quality audio systems, etc. Basically, the new trucks have managed to include in their cabs all the necessary to provide a professional driver the necessary comfort on the road, but also during rest periods.

  • You have the chance to learn one or more foreign languages

As a community truck driver, you have the chance of spending a lot of time among strangers, having the opportunity to become acquainted with their native language. So, by spending 8 weeks on community, you can learn French, German, Spanish or Italian, depending on the routes you frequent. Also, knowing one or more foreign languages, not only will you get a lot easier across Europe, but you will also be able to talk with different clients and colleagues, making friends.

  • You can drive together with someone dear

Another benefit of being a community driver is that you can drive along with someone dear. Whether you want to be away on community with your girlfriend, wife, brother or friend, this is possible, as long as the person has a driving license for the C + E categories. Driving together with someone dear, will make time pass much easier, you will have the chance to be together all the time, close to each other, and the earnings may be greater for your family. You will help each other, cook and visit the most beautiful places in Europe. All this, together!


We hope that this article helped you to get the answer to the question "On community or internally?" and to make the best decision for you and your professional driver career.