Frequently asked questions


What does an ordinary day look like when I'm on the road?
You can usually expect to drive for 9 hours over a 13 hour period, with an 11 hour break. During the break you can relax, have lunch, or listen to music.

How long will I spend on the road vs. at the home?
2 weeks at home after every 8 weeks on the road.

Is it possible to work alone on the truck?
While we encourage double teams on most of our trucks, we will do our best to meet specific requirements.

How do I get a digital tachograph card?
The card can be obtained from the regional offices of the ARR.

When do I get my salary?
The salary is paid on the 10th day of each month, without exception.

Where will we go?
The main routes are mostly in Western Europe: Germany, France, Spain, United Kingdom, BENELUX, Italy.

Can I choose my colleague?
We offer socializing opportunities for knowing and establishing relationships so that you can choose the partner according to your personal preferences.

What kind of trucks does Hartl have?
We use modern trucks for general cargo.

How long can I become a full-time driver?
Usually, over a period of 3 months, based on performance.